Week 10 Part B: Blogs I commented on Johnathan Golding- Week 10 Part A: Researching Email Marketing ( Teresa Lendy-  Teresa's CSIT 155 Spring 2021 class blog ( Ty Morissette-  Ty's CSIT-155-SP21 Class Blog: Week 10 Part A: Research Email Marketing (
  Week 10 Part A: Researching Email Marketing After reviewing the lecture material, my plan will be to send out a newsletter at least once a month. More often than that can create a clutter in my potential customer's inbox and could result in them unsubscribing from my newsletter. The information that I will use in my newsletter will be animals coming soon, alert to upcoming deals, images, and also engage with customers by recognizing the individuals buying my animals. Currently, I am enrolled in multiple newsletters from many different reptile sites and I have never received a newsletter from one of them. The only reason that I can think of that newsletters are not being sent is just because the reptile industry is different from most companies, they rely on images and not words to sell products. If my business simply put into words the animals that would be coming soon without pictures I am losing a lot of business as not every customer wants to read. Putting pictures out there d
  Week 9 Part B: Using Categories My plan for this business is to stay inside of the pet categories as the market for exotic pets is still so minimal. To be able to achieve this, I will be joining fellow groups that have a similar love and interest for exotic pets. My husband and I recently went to a Reptile Expo in San Diego and was able to be among others that share the same love and interest. Events are another categories that I hadn't even thought about, but it's one of the best places to meet people inside of the hobby and potential customers. At the reptile show, we were approached by very well known businesses that have offered to go into business with my husband and I as far as selling our animals. Instead of our business starting fresh we would have the opportunity to become more of a wholesaler for well known shops and wouldn't have to do most of the leg work. Both posts shared on Instagram and Facebook!!
  Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts & Webinars After watching the lecture, I think that including a personal touch is so important because it helps people know that you are real people just like them. Posts can make people feel something when it has that personal feeling to it, like posting on a significant day in history that impacted peoples lives. It makes sense to include this in a post when it is has the intention of making people feel a certain way about your product. Using a personal touch I think is something that should always be included in posts, if potential customers are made to feel good about your product this can lead to an increase in sales. As far as using this in my business it would work in the aspect of showing pictures of family's with their new animals. In the other reptile businesses pages there is no sense of personal touch anywhere on any of the pages as the main motivation is to sell their animals, this is something that I would want to change as
  Week 8 Part A: How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags The first business that I will be reviewing will be Sunset_Dragons_Insta which is a breeder that is located in Italy but they are able to ship worldwide. From the looks of their page they seem to be a relatively new business but they appear to be doing well for themselves as they have multiple animals on their page being sold. They currently have 2,553 followers and they are posting every day new pictures of bearded dragons they have available for sale. Some of their most used hashtags-#likeforlikes,#beardeddragon, #color, and #dragonbarbudo. Their last post was made two days ago and as it is right now it does not have any comments but it currently has 110 likes, in every picture before this one there is still very few comments on their pictures. The best thing that this business is doing to improve it's business is the fact that they are so active on their Instagram with posts being made so frequently which i
  Week 7 Part B: How Businesses Use Instagram Instagram posts that I commented on: Morgan McCray- William Pisciotta- Ana Gomez- After looking on Instagram, one thing that I noticed on some local business pages is that they make use of Instagram to promote their products or any services they offer. They include pictures that take potential customers through the process on how things are made or show the end result of their product. One aspect that I found interesting is that some of these businesses are not only using Instagram for their business but they were also using it for personal use. When promoting a business on a personal page, it can help bring more customers in because it helps potential customer's know that you are a real person and not just a person hiding behind a screen. As a customer at times myself when I see a businesses promotin
  Week 6 Part B: Creating and Scheduling FaceBook Posts Pages that I commented on: Flowers~Annette Gomez ( Mo's Kpop Page ( Little Sweethearts Daycare ( The posts that I chose to schedule are aimed at creating interaction between me and potential customers. The posts are a way for them to engage with the posts by sharing their own pictures, asking any questions or sharing their own knowledge. I did have some difficulty as I was able to take a picture with my phone of my scheduled posts but when I went into my activity log there was no evidence of my posts being there so I published them thinking this would fix this issue. The posts do show up in my activity log but are no longer under my scheduled posts.